99+ Best Pirates Pick Up Lines

Ahoy, landlubbers! Looking to find love with a swashbuckling pirate? Look no further than these Best Pirates Pick Up Lines! Whether you’re a pirate or just admire one, these pick up lines are sure to get your heart a-flutter. So put on your best eye patch and get ready to sail the seas of love with these perfect pirate-themed pick up lines!

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Best Pirates Pick Up Lines

  • I’d swab your deck any day.
  • C’mon, lad, shiver me timbers! (Female Pirate)
  • Arharrr, care to sink my battleship deary?
  • Polly wants a crack-whore.
  • That’s not an echo, my parrot thinks you’re sexy too.
  • Bring on the storm, I like it rough.
  • I’ll give you a British pound and two gold coins.
  • Just because one eye is patched doesn’t mean I don’t see how beautiful you are.
  • Hey, sexy — how about a Jolly Rogering?
  • You blow my cannons.
  • Come show me how ye bury yer treasure, lad! (Female Pirate)
  • Wanna shiver me timbers?
  • Approach your target and place your arm on their nearest shoulder: If you were a pirate, would you place your parrot on THIS shoulder or…(put your arm around them and touch the other shoulder) THIS shoulder?
  • You don’t have to pay to get on board my ship.
  • Well call me a landlubber, ’cause I’m about to plunder your Treasure Island.
  • Let me stick me cannon in your porthole.
  • I’ll beat your armada any day.
  • You. Pants Off. Now! (Female Pirate)
  • Wanna take a ride in my crows nest?
  • Is that an ‘X’ on the seat of your pants? Because it appears that there’s wond’rous booty buried underneath!
  • I’ll be the captain if you be my first mate.
  • I’ll pillage your ship!
  • Haaaarrrr! Best me plug that blowhole!
  • That’s quite a cutlass ye got thar, what ye need is a good scabbard! (Female Pirate)
  • How’d you like to scrape the barnacles off of me rudder?
  • Arrrrrrrrrrrrr you free this Saturday?
  • What are YOU doing here? (Female Pirate)
  • Ya know, darlin’, I’m 97 percent chum free.

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Latest Pirates Pick Up Lines

  • A good captain goes down with his ship, wanna go down with me?
  • So you’re the new cabin boy, eh?
  • Nice poop deck on ya, lassie. Care fer a swabbin’?
  • Wanna come back to my home port and see my dock?
  • You must be from Pearl Harbor, because baby, you’re the bomb.
  • That’s some treasure chest you’ve got there.
  • I’ll let you in on a big secret… that’s no peg leg!
  • Anchor’s away.
  • I got a bad case of scurvy…and your grapefruits are the only cure
  • One look at you and a shiver went up me timber
  • Baby, my ship was sunk till I saw you.
  • Yo, ho! Bottle of rum?
  • It may take a while to get to England in a row boat, but good things take time.
  • I hope you like to matey, because I’m about to swab your deck.
  • Arg baby, Arg.
  • See this hook? Variable speed with five alternate attachments, Baby.
  • All hands on deck!
  • Yo, ho ho! How ’bouts a bottle of rum?
  • You can sail my seven seas.
  • Do ya’ mind if the parrot watches?
  • You’re drinking a Salty Dog? How’d you like to try the real thing?

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Funny Pirates Pick Up Lines

  • Is that a belayin’ pin in yer britches, or are ye… (Female Pirate)
  • Yo ho ho! How bout a bottle Of rum? Drink up cause we’re about to get swashbuckled!
  • Can I wear your patch ?
  • WOW! I bet we could fit SIXteen men on that chest!
  • Have ya ever met a man with a real yardarm?
  • Imma cut to the chase…you wanna hook-up?
  • Baby, you unfurl my sails.
  • Me skull and crossbones arn’t the only thing I plan on raisin’ tonight.
  • You’re guilty of being a hot wench…i sentence you to walking my plank
  • I’ll bet you can’t find my buried treasure.
  • Let’s weigh anchor.
  • You’re just the tasty wench I’ve been keeping me eye out for!
  • I must be huntin’ treasure, ’cause I’m diggin’ yer chest!
  • You want to adjust my rigging?
  • Aye, I guarantee ye, I’ve had a twenty percent decrease in me “lice ratio!” (Female Pirate)
  • Come dock in my port.
  • Wanna see my Davie Jones?
  • Harrrrr! Let me create the 8th sea in yerr undies!
  • That’s the finest pirate booty I’ve ever laid eyes on.
  • Do you have the latest copy of Windows XP with cracked product activation? (software pirates only)
  • Let’s walk the plank to an out of this world experience.
  • I’ve sailed the seven seas, and you’re the sleekest schooner I’ve ever sighted.
  • RAMMING SPEED! (Female Pirate)
  • I’ve crushed seventeen men’s skulls between me thighs! (Female Pirate)
  • I’d love to drop anchor in your lagoon.
  • Avast, me proud beauty! Wanna know why my Roger is so Jolly?
  • So, tell me, why do they call ye, “”Cap’n Feathersword?”” (Female Pirate)
  • I got me a bad case of scurvy, and your grapefruits are the only cure!
  • Ya certainly put the shiver in me timber!
  • You can lock my in your brig, baby.
  • Let’s get together and haul some keel.

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Trending Pirates Pick Up Lines

  • Yo ho! Bottle of rum? Drink up cause we’re about to get swashbuckled!
  • Swabbing the decks IS a euphemism. (The author’s would like to thank Hetalia: Axis Powers for the preceding line.)
  • Pardon me, but would ya mind if I fired me cannon through your porthole?
  • Well blow me down?
  • Avast, me pretty! Strike your panties and prepare to be boarded.
  • I like me some pirate booty.
  • Brwaack! Polly want a cracker? … Oh, wait. That’s for Talk Like a PARROT Day.
  • Yer guilty of being a hot wench. I sentence you to walking my plank!
  • Is that a cutlass in your pants or aarrrrrrrrrrrr you just happy to see me treasure chest?
  • They don’t call me Long John because my head is so big.
  • I’d love to drop anchor in your lagoon.
  • Let’s have a treasure hunt, cause X marks the spot.
  • I sure would like to pillage yer booty.
  • Come on up and see me urchins.
  • Strike yer panties and prepare to be boarded, lassie!
  • Want to see my 9mm?
  • Not only do I have a ship, but it’s a long one.
  • Yes, that is a hornpipe in my pocket and I am happy to see you.
  • It would make me Jolly if we could Roger.
  • You raise my Jolly Roger.

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