50+ Best Dark Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for the 50+ best dark pick up lines that will make you stand out from the crowd? Look no further! We’ve compiled a list of some of the most original and clever dark pick up lines that you can use to break the ice and leave a lasting impression. Whether you’re at a party, out at a bar, or on a dating site, these 16+ dark pick up lines will help you make a connection and get noticed. Read on for some of the funniest and edgiest pick up lines that you’ve ever heard!

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Best Dark Pick Up LinesPin
Best Dark Pick Up Lines

Dark Pick Up Lines

Latest Dark Pick Up LinesPin
  • Do you like rainbows, cus you can taste my rainbow any time.
  • Let me spell my love for you S-T-A-L-K-E-R
  • I will hate having to spike your drink. Simply agree with me now.
  • I’ll help you find the iron rod.
  • “There’s a tornado, come in my basement.”
  • I just wrote about you in my dark emotional journal.
  • Want to see my dark night rise?
  • You must be Catwoman cause the Dark Knight Rises.
  • You look very familiar. Have I met you recently? It must be the clothes that are confusing me. I can’t identify you with them.
  • Your outfit is so dazzling. Do you know how it can look better? Rumpled in a bunch on mysteries that haven’t been solved.
  • I only thought about you once today–I just never stopped.
  • Well, you should see what THIS bat can do in the dark!
  • “Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?”
  • Can I borrow that shirt off you right now? I want to go pay the bartender but I don’t wanna go alone.
  • If you ever want to see your children again, you’ll do what I want.
  • There must be something wrong with my eyesight. I need your help, I just can’t take them off you.
  • Hey baby, are you made up of dark matter?
  • Know what would look good on you? CRUTCHES
  • Can I ask you to drop dead? I’m a necrophiliac and I might just think about it.
  • You want to call the cops. Go ahead, see who comes first.
  • Hey baby, you must be a light switch, because every time I see you, you turn me on!

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Latest Dark Pick Up Lines

Dark Pick Up LinesPin
  • How do I get the STUD? I only have STD and U are all I need!
  • I love your T-shirt. Can I study it in Braille? And no, you don’t have to take it off.
  • You know how they say bats can see in the dark?
  • I don’t want to come between you or do I
  • OOOOOh, baby, you must have wished upon a star cause today is your lucky day!
  • I would like to have a clone of you to myself. Can you offer me your groin hair? I hear that works better.
  • Wanna read?
  • You can call me baby. All I want to be is inside you forever.
  • Hi there I’m a dark and tortured super hero!
  • Call the cops. See Who Comes first.
  • I find your lack of nudity disturbing.
  • Because you’re indescribable.
  • I’ve been noticing you noticing me. If you wouldn’t mind, I would like to change the multiple noticing into notices of o for you!
  • If you get lost in the midst of darkness
  • Do you like heavy metal? Because I can teach you how to scream.
  • Stop being melancholic. I know your crush is dead. I did it so that you can be with me.
  • You look much more attractive in person than you do through my telescope.
  • If your feeling down, remember, I’ll feel you back up.
  • I would drag my balls through 200 yards of broken glass to kiss the dick that fucked you last.
  • Wow! I could never have guessed you look way better in person than what I have been seeing through my telescope.
  • Hey baby, want to see a fusion between my white Dragon and your Dark Hole?
  • How are you not tired? You’ve been engaged in a naked marathon in my mind all day.
  • What genre of music do you like? Why not heavy metal? I can make you learn how to scream.

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