50+ Best Fire Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for the best fire pick up lines to get the girl? Look no further! Here we have gathered the best fire pick up lines to help you break the ice and get the girl of your dreams. Whether you’re at a bar, a party, or out on the street, these pick up lines are sure to get her attention and make her laugh. Read on for the best fire pick up lines to get the girl!

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Fire Pick Up Lines

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Best Fire Pick Up Lines
  • Did u know that firefighters are professional hose handlers?
  • I would climb you like a ladder.
  • Are you catching fire? Because you make my heart melt.
  • I could make you scream louder than the fire siren.
  • The fire might be out but you are still smoking hot.
  • I save babies, puppies, and kittens. And I look forward to saving you from a boring life!
  • Firefighters are always in heat.
  • Say why don’t we go back to my place and fire my undocumented nanny.
  • You must be Sailor Mars, because you are on fire.
  • Your so hot, a firefighter couldn’t put you out.
  • I’m on fire – you wanna stop, drop and roll with me?
  • When I look into you’re eyes I get more lost then I did in the Fire Temple.
  • Do you have yellow eyes? Because, baby, you are burning me up.
  • Order fire, two shots of tequilla and your phone number.
  • My love for you burns like Din’s Fire.
  • Stop, drop, and roll, darling. You are on fire…
  • My bush is on fire, wanna cool it?
  • It’s long, hard and Pumps like a bastard, but that’s just the Truck.
  • Let’s say we turn this lil spark we have here into a fire back at my place;I’ll bring the wood.
  • My love will burn for you as long as a torch in Minecraft.

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Latest Fire Pick Up Lines

  • In my line of work I’m required to put fires out but if you want to start one call me.
  • There’s an Arcade Fire … In my pants.
  • Hey did you fire missiles at Gaza?Because your booty Israely thick
  • Kissing burns 6.4 calories a minute. Wanna work out?
  • Play with fire and you end up burnt BUT play with a firefighter and you end up wet
  • How would you like to experience a mac blast from the spirit of fire?
  • Wanna go for a ride along? Then later I can show you the truck.
  • Did u know that women firefighters are professional hose handlers.
  • As a fireman, I’m an expert in what’s hot.
  • I always thought the source of hell’s hotness was the fire. I was wrong, it’s you.
  • Hey gurl, is it hot in here or is that just the Holy Spirit burning inside of you?
  • Damn girl you are fireCuz I never want you in my house.
  • The first rule for a patient is to remove all restricting clothing. Can I go ahead and start now?
  • Want to see my hose lay?
  • If you play with fire, you’ll end up burnt. If you play with a firefighter you’ll end up wet!
  • Girl, are you from the Amazon? Because you’re the full package. Just kidding, it’s because you are so hot, you’re on fire!

Dirty Fire Pick Up Lines

  • Want to see my tool?
  • I am on fire, you wanna stop drop and roll with me?
  • Al Gore says the planet has a fever but the only thing burning up around here is you.
  • Wanna slide down my pole?
  • Hey Girl! You know firefighter have huge hoses.
  • Get rid of your smoke detector and sleep with a firefighter.
  • You’re hotter than a 5 alarm fire.
  • The hotter you get, the faster we come!
  • Hi. I play harmonica in Arcade Fire. Wanna bang?
  • Hey girl! Wanna slide down my pole.
  • Are you a fire type? Your beauty set my heart ablaze.
  • Trust me I’m a fire fighter.
  • Damn (gender of preference) are you a fire alarm? Because you’re really fucking loud and annoying.

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