100+ Best Cuteness Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for the best cuteness pick up lines to make someone smile and show them how much you care? Look no further! Whether you are trying to make a good impression on a first date or just want to express your feelings to someone special, these best cuteness pick up lines will be sure to make you irresistible! From sweet to sassy, these lines will help you find the perfect way to express yourself. Keep reading to find the perfect pick up line for any situation.

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Best Cuteness Pick Up Lines

  • Mind if I tie your shoes? I’d hate to see you falling for anyone else.
  • I love my bed, but I’d rather be in yours.
  • Do you like bagels? Because you’re bae goals.
  • Let’s commit the perfect crime. I’ll steal your heart, you steal mine.
  • Roses are red, violets are blue, how did I get so lucky to match with you?
  • Choose: Your place or mine?
  • Something’s wrong with my eyes because I can’t take them off of you.
  • I would flirt with you, but I’d rather seduce you with my awkwardness.
  • Coffee, tea, or sushi?
  • Damn, you have a dog! Does that mean I’ll never win the ‘best cuddler ever’ title?
  • Oh, by the way, I’m wearing that smile you gave me.
  • I know we’re not socks, but I’m sure we’d make a great pair.
  • Damn, if being sexy was a crime, you’d be guilty as charged!
  • I know you’re busy, but please add me to your list of things to do.
  • Are you a fruit ‘cuz we could make a great pear.
  • When I send your pic to my group chat, which one would you like me to use?
  • Are you religious? ‘Cuz you’re the answer to all of my prayers.
  • You have one of the most beautiful faces I’ve seen in a long, long time.
  • Do you know what the Little Mermaid and I have in common? We both want to be a part of your world.
  • I don’t know how this works. Are we married now?
  • You look like you know how to have a good time! I like it.
  • I’d like to take you to the movies, but they don’t let you bring in your own snacks.
  • They say nothing lasts forever, so will you be my nothing?
  • I think someone must have stolen the stars and put them in your eyes.
  • If you could be anywhere in the world, doing anything you wanted, where would we be?
  • Are you as good at cuddling as you are good-looking? If so, when can I get a cuddle?
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, you’re a 9, and I’m the 1 you need.
  • Are you https? ‘Cuz without you I’m just ://
  • I hope you know CPR ‘cuz you just took my breath away!
  • Well, here I am! What are your other two wishes?
  • When I make you breakfast in the morning, what would you like?
  • I’m going to complain to Spotify about you not being in this week’s hottest singles.
  • You don’t know how many times I’ve had to swipe left to find you.

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Funny and Cute Pick Up Lines

Funny Cuteness Pick Up LinesPin
  • Do you have a map? I just got lost in your eyes.
  • Truth or date?
  • Dinner first, or can we go straight for dessert?
  • Well, you’re the sweetest thing I’ve seen in a while on this app. Hello there!
  • If you look that good in clothes, you must look even better out of them.
  • You know those gaps between your fingers? I think they were made for mine.
  • Are you a magician? ‘Cuz when I look at you, everyone else disappears.
  • No pen, no paper… but you still ‘draw’ my attention.
  • Do you like sleeping? Me too. We should do it together some time.
  • Are you an archeologist ‘cuz you dug up a hole in my heart.
  • If you let me borrow a kiss, I promise I’ll give it right back.
  • Do you watch Star Wars? Because Yoda only one for me.
  • Are you a time traveler? ‘Cuz I see you in my future.
  • I’ve been wondering, do your lips taste as good as they look?
  • Aside from being this good-looking, what else do you do in your free time?
  • I’m not an electrician, but I can light up your day.
  • I had the best pickup line on the way, but I saw you and now I’m speechless.
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or do you need to look at my profile again?
  • Even if there was no gravity on Earth, I’d still fall for you.
  • Do you have a pencil? ‘Cuz I want to erase your past and write our future.
  • Want to help me get on Santa’s naughty list this year?
  • Life without you is like a broken pencil… pointless.
  • Are you a bank loan? ‘Cuz you have my interest.

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Cheesy Cuteness Pick Up Lines

Latest Cuteness Pick Up LinesPin
  • Kiss me if I’m wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?
  • They say dating is a numbers game, so can I get yours?
  • Do you like Mexican food? ‘Cuz I want to wrap you up and make you my Bae-ritto.
  • I’m no organ donor but I’d be happy to give you my heart.
  • Hey, you’re pretty and I’m cute. Together we’d be pretty cute.
  • I had this awesome pickup line, but I forgot it the moment I laid eyes on you.
  • Are you good at algebra? ‘Cuz I’d like you to replace my X without asking Y.
  • I am not a photographer, but I can easily picture us together.
  • Titanic? That’s my icebreaker. What’s up?
  • You swiped right, I swiped right, should we establish we’re not serial killers first or can we proceed to date right away?
  • I’d say bless you, but it looks like you already have been.
  • If I told you that you had a great body, would you hold it against me?
  • I tripped while looking at you. I guess you owe me a new pair of shoes.
  • My mom told me not to talk to strangers online, but I’ll make an exception for you
  • I’m not feeling myself today. Can I feel you instead?
  • Hi, my name is [insert your name], but you can call me tonight or tomorrow.
  • Do you know how to train butterflies? The ones in my stomach right now are quite untamed.
  • I just bought kiss-proof lipstick, and I need a lab partner to test its claims. Are you in?’
  • I assumed happiness started with an ‘H’ but I believe it actually starts with ‘U.’
  • That shirt looks great on you… as a matter of fact, so would I.
  • My name isn’t Elmo, but you can tickle me any time you want.
  • My sweet tooth has been driving me crazy since the second I saw your profile!
  • When your parents made you, they were really just showing off.
  • When our friends ask us how we met, what are we going to tell them? Funny answers only.
  • I’m trying to think of something to say, but all I can think about is how cute you are.
  • Hi, I’m Mrs. Right. Someone said you were looking for me?
  • Are you my appendix? ‘Cuz this feeling in my stomach makes me want to take you out.
  • I must be in a museum because you truly are a work of art.
  • I’ve heard it said that kissing is the ‘language of love.’ Would you care to have a conversation with me about it sometime?
  • It looks like I’ve lost my phone number. Could I get yours instead?
  • I know your name is [insert their name], but can I call you mine?
  • I’m researching important dates in history. Would you like to be mine?

Cutie Cute Pick Up Lines

Witty Cuteness Pick Up LinesPin
  • Not to be cheesy, but oh my god you’re gorgeous!
  • You make my Spidey Sense tingle.
  • I usually go for 8s but I guess I’ll settle for a 10.
  • I’d give up my morning cereal to spoon you instead.
  • Swiped for the dog, stayed for the human.
  • Your lips look lonely. Would they like to meet mine?
  • If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple. Ba dum tss.
  • Saw you’re a foodie, I know a few things you could taste.
  • I don’t believe in love at first sight, but you have me considering love at first swipe.
  • They say the human body is 70 percent water… I’m feeling pretty thirsty.
  • Complete this sentence: You, me, and __.
  • Hey, I’m writing an article on the finer things in life and was hoping I could interview you.

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