110+ Best Teacher Pick Up Lines

Are you looking for the perfect pick up line to use on your favorite teacher? Look no further! We have gathered 110+ of the best teacher pick up lines from all around the internet. Whether you’re a student, alumni, or faculty member, you’ll find something here to help you break the ice and get to know your teacher better. So, without further ado, let’s dive right in and explore some of the best teacher pick up lines out there!

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Best Teacher Pick Up Lines

  • You might be old school, but baby, you still look high school.
  • Are you an English teacher? Because you’re giving me some serious lessons in love right now.
  • You got something on your face – my eyes.
  • Can you give me directions to your heart? Because I’ve seemed to have lost myself in your eyes.
  • My love for you is like calculus… hard to figure out and really rewarding.
  • Help, something’s wrong with my eyes – I just can’t take them off you.
  • I would be happy to help tutor you in English anytime.
  • Cutie, I think I’ll need a map because I keep getting lost in your beautiful eyes.
  • Let’s do a committee sometime!
  • Wine on a school night. Let me pour you a glass.
  • You must be a very important textbook passage because seeing you is the highlight of my day.
  • Will you be my student loans? Because I’d like to have you around for the rest of my life.
  • Hey, teacher! You reached students on a whole new level when you incorporated film into the curriculum. Let’s turn on a movie and try out a new learning style.
  • Hey girl, are you a 90-degree angle? Cause you’re looking right!
  • If loving you was homework, I’d be the happiest student in school!
  • Substitute teacher: “does your normal teacher let you do that?”.
  • Excuse me, but you dropped something… my jaw!
  • Even if there were no gravity on earth, I’d still fall for you.
  • Are you the final semester of my senior year? Because I’m happy I survived long enough to see you.
  • Wanna have lunch together? You’re looking really delicious today!
  • Feel free to pee in the pool, I’ll deal with it later.
  • Are you a geometry teacher? Because from this angle, you look acute.
  • How about a little HANDS-ON, sweetie.
  • When I look into your eyes, nothing exists for me anymore because I lose myself in them.
  • Do you work out a lot? I was just wondering how you managed to find that significant figure.
  • I was supposed to solve for x. I am so glad that I found u instead.
  • You had me at “Euler’s number”.
  • Life without you would be like a broken pencil. Pointless.
  • Excuse me madam/sir, why aren’t you in class? (Wait for an answer) Wow, my apologies, I thought you were a student.
  • I’m like pi baby, I’m really long, and I go on forever.
  • I love your smile. It reminds me of the smile of the person I want to marry someday.
  • Babe, you must be a magician because everyone else disappears every time I look into your eyes.
  • If you were a tear in my eye, I wouldn’t cry for fear of losing you.
  • The square root of all my fantasies is you.
  • Carry your bookbag?

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Naughty Teacher Pick Up Lines

Naughty Teacher Pick Up LinesPin
  • My feelings for you have grown exponentially.
  • They say the eyes are the mirror to the soul – and baby, you must have one beautiful soul.
  • Are you the new science teacher? Because I see we have chemistry!
  • Wow, look how your chromosomes have combined beautifully!
  • Do you have a map? Because I’m getting lost in your eyes.
  • Hit the showers, it’s time for handball lessons.
  • If you were a pencil, you wouldn’t be a number 2 because you are definitely number 1 in my book!
  • The only thing that your eyes haven’t told me is your name.
  • You have a universe in your mind and a galaxy in your eyes.
  • The alphabet is wrong. U and I should be together!
  • Are you Harvard? Because I know I have no chance with you.
  • I wasn’t sure if you were a beautiful angel or a hot devil, but now that I’m close, I see heaven in your eyes.
  • I wish you were my English teacher so I could get detention every day!
  • I’ve been a naughty schoolboy. You should teach me a lesson.
  • I think God took the color out of the ocean and put it in your eyes.
  • I can’t tell whether you’re beautiful or not, I haven’t gotten past your eyes.
  • Can I have your picture so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas?
  • We learned some pretty important dates in history class today, but I couldn’t help noticing that you aren’t a part of any of them.
  • Enumeration tests are my favorite! For starters, let me enumerate all the things I like about you.
  • I’m not a teacher, but I can teach you a thing or two.
  • I hope this campus has a great medical center, because I broke my arm falling for you.
  • There’s no doubt about the fact that you’re more special than relativity.
  • God… I thought you were a student!
  • If you get any hotter, I’ll blame you for global warming.
  • What’s a pretty lady like you doing in a lunchroom like this?
  • You’re so hot, my calculator is melting.
  • Good thing I brought my library card, ’cause I’m checkin’ you out.
  • I’m ADD….want to help me relax?
  • Kiss me if I’m wrong, but fossil fuels still exist, right?
  • Baby, you’re like a teacher, and I’m like a math book. You solve all my problems.
  • Hey, girl! From now on, your IEPs will be done by elves, calories don’t count, and I’ll stay up late to help you color code data. I just thought you should know.
  • Sing “Blue Eyes” by Elton John while looking at her and smiling.
  • You really rocked that new seating arrangement, way to separate the walkers!
  • What’s your sign?
  • I like fractions, do you want to do some with me? I am like a numerator because I like to be on top.
  • I wish I was one of your tears, so I could be born in your eyes, run down your cheek, and die on your lips.
  • I learned in my earth science class that “Rawr” means “I love you” in the dinosaur language. So, Rawr!
  • Your eyes are so blue I can’t look away.

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Dirty Teacher Pick Up Lines

Dirty Teacher Pick Up LinesPin
  • If you need help with your English homework, just let me know.
  • I’m no mathematician, but I’m good with numbers. Give me yours and watch what I do with it.
  • Do you believe in love at first sight? Or should I walk by again?
  • Hey, girl! That lesson ran bell-to-bell and included motivation, whole class, and group activities, higher-order questioning, and a meaningful summary. Your organizational skills are out of this world.
  • I do an early practice at 5 am, if you want to come over, I can make you breakfast.
  • Something must be wrong with my eyes because I can’t take them off you.
  • Teams will be red helmets vs blue helmets, come to my office to play against the purple helmet.
  • Care to evaluate each other?
  • Hey, girl! I know Mondays are hard, but you can get through them. Teach on, girl.
  • Your eyes are bluer than the Atlantic ocean, and baby, I’m all lost at sea.
  • I wasn’t sure if you were a beautiful angel or a hot devil.
  • Hey baby, you’ve got something on your butt: my eyes.
  • our eyes are as blue as window cleaner.
  • I think you’ve got something in your beautiful eyes. Oh, never mind, it’s just a sparkle.
  • You’re so smart, you must be an English teacher!
  • You know what? Your eyes are the same color as my Porsche.
  • I might cheat on exams, but I will never cheat on you!
  • I bet you’re great at teaching people how to fall in love.
  • If you need help with your English, just let me know – I’d be happy to tutor you.
  • From now on, your IEPs will be done by elves, calories don’t count, and I’ll stay up late.
  • I can see why your eyes are blue. Because you just BLUE my mind. Or maybe just your eyes
  • I think you’re an interesting research subject, may I write a 10-page paper about you for my term paper?
  • Ever heard of dodgeball?

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Cheesy Teacher Pick Up Lines

Cheesy Teacher Pick Up LinesPin
  • Your eyes are so blue I can’t look away.
  • You’ve been really naughty today in class. I guess I have to teach you a lesson.
  • I’m trying to learn about punctuation. Can you teach me where to put the comma?
  • That’s not rope burn (Gym Teacher)
  • I know you’re not in the school band, but I bet we could make some sweet music together.
  • There’s no such thing as multiple choice when you’re the only obvious choice for me.
  • According to the second law of thermodynamics, you’re supposed to share your hotness with me.
  • You have the eyes of a child. Innocent, bright, but at the same time appealing and attractive.
  • I think God took the pigment out of a leaf and put it in your eyes.
  • You had me at your remarkable articulation and correct usage of grammar.
  • You’re hotter than a bunsen burner set to full power.
  • So I was reading a book of numbers the other day, and I realized I don’t have yours.
  • If I had a penny for every time my heart skipped a beat when I saw you, I could pay off my entire student loan.
  • I bet you’re good at English, considering how eloquent you are.
  • You’re like glue – my eyes are stuck on you!
  • You work hard and make a difference, so take some time for yourself. Your students will understand.
  • I hear they banned you from school lunches for being so sweet
  • I am weak at studying, but you can punish me as hard as you can.
  • One day, I swear you’re going to be my emergency contact person.
  • The only thing your eyes haven’t told me is your name.
  • Hey, girl! It’s ok to use a sick day just for your own mental health.
  • If we were at home, cuddling on a rainy Sunday morning, what would we have for breakfast? Pancakes, bacon, eggs… your pick!

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